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California Penal Code § 673 - Cruel, Corporal or Unusual Punishments

It shall be unlawful to use in the reformatories, institutions, jails, state hospitals or any other state, county, or city institution any cruel, corporal or unusual punishment or to inflict any treatment or allow any lack of care whatever which would injure or impair the health of the prisoner, inmate, or person confined; and punishment by the use of the strait jacket, gag, thumbscrew, shower bath or the tricing up of a prisoner, inmate or person confined is hereby prohibited. Any person who violates the provisions of this section or who aids, abets, or attempts in any way to contribute to the violation of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.


(Formerly § 681, added by Stats.1913, c. 583, p. 1010, § 1. Amended by Stats.1933, c. 919, p. 2396, § 1; Stats.1941, c. 106, p. 1083, § 12. Renumbered § 673 and amended by Stats.1953, c. 615, p. 1861, § 1.)



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