San Diego Criminal Services

  • Felony Trial Representation

    Felony Trial Representation

    We are criminal trial attorneys.  We regularly take criminal trials in front of a jury and win.  If your goal is to acheive a complete and utter dismissal and acquittal of all charges and allegations, we can help.

  • Felony Pre-Trial Representation

    Felony Pre-Trial Representation

    Obtaining professional and skilled legal representation as soon as you are charged with a crime may prove to be essential to getting a good result in your case.  Find out more about our Felony Pre-trial Services.

  • Misdemeanor Trial Services

    Misdemeanor Trial Services

    We are criminal trial attorneys.  We regularly take criminal trials in front of a jury and win.  If your goal is to acheive a complete and utter dismissal and acquittal of all charges and allegations, we can help.

  • Misdemeanor Pre-Trial Services

    Misdemeanor Pre-Trial Services

    Obtaining professional and skilled legal representation as soon as you are charged with a crime may prove to be essential to getting a good result in your case.  Find out more about our Misdemeanor Pre-trial Services.

  • Probation Violation

    Probation Violation

    If you are on probation and don't complete court requirements or pick up a new charge you will be charged with Violating Probation. Our service helps minimize or beat probation violations.

  • End Probation Early Motion

    End Probation Early Motion

    An individual that is on Felony or Misdemeanor Probation can have a judge order that Probation be Terminated Early. Our attorneys draft, file and argue Early Termination of Probation in all San Diego Courts.

  • Seal Juvenile Records

    Seal Juvenile Records

    Contrary to popular belief, a conviction Received as a Juvenile DOES NOT automatically get sealed. You must petition to have it sealed. Our attorneys Draft, File, Serve and Argue Motions to Seal a Juvenile Record.

  • Record Expungement

    Record Expungement

    Expunging a Felony or Misdemeanor Conviction is the Ultimate Goal for anyone that has been convicted of a crime. Our attorneys Draft, File, Serve and Argue Expungements in all San Diego County Courts.

  • Reduce Felony to Misdemeanor Motion

    Reduce Felony to Misdemeanor Motion

    If your charge was a Wobbler Felony we can petition to have the judge reduce it to a Misdemeanor. This removes the 'felon' stigma and gives back many of the rights lost because of a felony conviction.

  • Destroy Arrest Record

    Destroy Arrest Record

    If you were Arrested, but Never Charged then you might have a good case to have a judge order that your Arrest Record be Destroyed.

  • Certificate of Rehab Motion

    Certificate of Rehab Motion

    If you spent any time in California Prison and are looking to clear your record then getting a Certification of Rehabilitation from a judge is your best option.

  • Jail Consultation

    Jail Consultation

    If your loved-one is in San Diego Jail our attorneys can meet and discuss their situation in a confidential setting. We answer questions about the process and how to best guarantee a positive outcome.

  • Recall Felony Warrant

    Recall Felony Warrant

    A felony warrant means that you can be arrested in any California County AND any State in the US. Our attorneys will call a hearing and represent you in front of the judge.

  • Recall Traffic Warrant

    Recall Traffic Warrant

    Failing to Appear on a traffic ticket or not completing a court ordered traffic program will result in a Bench Warrant and Suspended License. Our attorney can remove the warrant and reinstate your driving privileges. Most of the time within 24 hours.

  • Free Consultation

    Free Consultation

    If you are being charged with a crime, you need answers... fast.  We offer a FREE, 100% confidential consultation on your criminal legal issue.  Contact us now and talk to an attorney today.

Experience, Expertise, Communication... Results.

We are experienced and skilled San Diego Criminal Defense Attorneys.  When you are being charged with a crime, results matter. We appear in San Diego Criminal Courts every day of the week and devote our legal practice to California Criminal Defense. We have a proven track record of getting results.  Our attorneys have successfully litigated for countless dismissals and outright acquittals and have successfully negotiated countless highly favorable plea bargains helping clients avoid a criminal record, fines, probation, jail, and state prision.

This website is our way of telling you about our law practice.  We offer information on our Attorneys, Practice Areas, Services, and helpful information on the nuts-and-bolts of criminal law, in our Help Center.  If you have further questions, contact our San Diego Criminal Defense Firm by calling 619-649-2424 or click Contact Us to immediately speak with one of Our Criminal Defense Attorneys.

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys

Scott Hullinger 

Scott Hullinger is a criminal litigator who has handled a heavy load of high profile felony and misdemeanor cases.  Prior to practicing law, Mr. Hullinger worked as an engineer for several high tech companies in San Diego.  He graduated from Thomas Jefferson School of Law and received his BA from Utah State.

Pablo Fabian

Pablo Fabian is an criminal litigator in San Diego, CA.  He is a native of San Diego.  He earned his BA in Political Science at San Diego State University and graduated from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, receiving Pro Bono Honors. He has worked at Legal Aid Society of San Diego, San Diego Alternate Public Defender's Office, United States Marine Corps JAG, Phillips & Pelly, and the Employee Rights Center.

Our Practice Areas

Our attorneys regularly achieve extremely positive results for our clients ranging from significant charge reductions, dismissals and not guilty verdicts.  We always have our clients' best interests in mind. 

Our success comes from our client-centered approach.  We work with you right from the moment we are retained.  Other attorneys may wait until the first court appearance... we don't.  Critical evidence may be lost, witnesses may forget and bad decisions will result if time is wasted.  A strong defense starts with action!  Our network of experts, investigators, and attorneys help with trial preparation and practical advice.

Why Our Firm?

On all criminal cases we offer a Free initial consultation. This is your chance to gain candid advice on potential outcomes and implications of your criminal charge.  You will meet with our attorneys, go over the facts of your case, relevant law and San Diego procedures.  You will leave with a checklist of items we feel will take your case to a successful outcome.

Our Services

We represent and defend individuals currently facing Felony Charges, Misdemeanor Charges or Infraction Charges.  This includes providing the client with legal counsel and advice, reviewing the prosecution's evidence, negotiating with the government for a resolution, preparing a case strategy, directing any necessary investigation, researching relevant law, making written and oral motions to the court, and conducting all court hearings including Jury Trial.

Help Center

Our Help Center is the nuts-and-bolts of criminal law and is written by our attorneys.  When dealing with a criminal charge, knowledge is necessary.  We break down and demystify the criminal justice system in California.  The articles are devoted to helping you understand the process and your rights and obligations in the criminal justice system.

Contact Us ...

If you or someone you know is facing Criminal Charges, contact our San Diego Criminal Defense Attorneys by calling 619-649-2424 and schedule a no obligation appointment to find out about your rights.  One of our lawyers will meet face-to-face or, if your loved one is in jail, schedule a professional visit and meet in the detention facility.

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